Manufacturing Process

We Design and built most major components and complete all finishing and testing process in our facility. With astringent quality assurance standard and being a fully integrated fabricator, we have flexibility to manufacture a wide range of standard, such as ASME, PED, Our competency also allow you to have flexibility in customizing your tanks and process, base on your requirements more efficiently while maintaining the highest quality, starting from design stage, after order is received, through fabrication and preparing packaging for secure delivery.

Our fully trained people give their full attention to details to ensure our tank follow the necessary norms, standard, customers requirement and meeting the agree delivery time lines.

Design Pressure Vessel Competence

Design Storage / Silo 10 m³- 180 m³ Competence

Design Agitation and Mixer competence

Module, Skid, Platform and Pipe Installation design Competence

Engineering Mechanical Software competence

  • Compress Pressure Vessel Calculation to ASME,
  • Ohm Tech-Visual Vessel Design Calculation to PED
  • Agitating Calculation Software
  • Mixer Calculation Software
  • STAAD PRO – Structural Analysis Software

Knowledge for  Accepted construction materials for product contact surfaces Competence

Metal Material
Stainless steel shall be SA 240 GR 304,- 304L, -316, 316 L,- 316 Ti series or corresponding   types.  Where it can be demonstrated that specific function requirements exist, other types of stainless steel may be acceptable clean ability and resistance to corrosion.

Non metal material
The material shall comply with requirements given by: FDA- Food and Drug Administration, US or Germany.
Other material like rubber same requirements as above as well as for grease, adhesives materials
Carbon or Ceramic must be non porosity,- toxic,- absorbent, insoluble, scratching free, scoring and distortion when exposed to the conditions encountered in the environment of intended use and in cleaning and bacterial treatment.